Preferential terms for property purchase financing

Now the steps to your dream home are even easier! "Unicredit Bulbank" JCS finances at favorable interest rates all who wish to purchase any of our golf properties (according to Bank's rules and conditions). "Unicredit Bulbank" JSC offers also mortgage financing for foreign citizens including citizens of non-EU countries under attractive conditions. For more information regarding financing by "Unicredit Bulbank" JSC, please visit the offices of the bank or

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Building apartment/ atelier (3D visualization)
Gc entrance C / ap. 201
Ga entrance A / ap. 505
Gc entrance A / ap. 205
Gb entrance B / ap. 204
Gf entrance A / ap. 303
Gc entrance A / ap. 405
Gf entrance D / ap. 202
Gc entrance C / ap. 502
Ga entrance A / ap. 305
Gb entrance B / ap. 501